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locked in and hopelessly fighting

Posted on 2008.04.24 at 19:46
you're the type of people who can sit on benches with beat-up suitcases, wear grandfatherly shoes, and have it be dapper. but i picture myself doing and wearing such dandy things, and it feels too carefully considered. and what does it mean if i like the decemberists? that my toes are curled around the edge of the first day day of my life. the smallest things can make want to try on the practical one last time. like the too-tight pants i keep in my closet that only take up space. i don't have the capacity for it, and i sure don't have the taste. in 1967, raoul vaneigem wrote, nowadays, ambition and the love of a job well done are the indelible mark of defeat and of the most mindless submission. i couldn't agree more. my sweet little anarchist heart is beating louder these days, and quickens upon hearing pro-leisure and anti-work sentiments alike. hipsterly, it goes gaga over what bob dylan has to say about poets, that they don't necessarily write words on paper. but still,

weialala leia
wallala leialala

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