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Posted on 2008.06.29 at 16:10
you made a metaphor about your own hands and calluses and i was proud like a mother watching her son hit a homerun in little league. but now i'm thinking what happened was the phenomenon of shakespeare and monkeys. you talk a lot and once in a while your lexicon is bound to catch up with poetry. you told me you were disinterested. dis.interested. this is a whole new idea of like attracting like. we both have to be the one that leaves first. so all that's left standing is a baseball and a bobbypin in the corner of the floor. the thing is you have to believe in the details to be that something inside it. and you are so logical, so statistics-driven, but when i ask why the oceans don't fall off the earth, don't peel back like a sheet, you scoff at me. if i was to attempt to be literal i would say something like this: you make it easy for me to smile at the boys in boundary bay.

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